BatManda (dontcallmemandy) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

New Releases for 7.18.06

Major DVD releases
Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (I'm so excited about this. I used to watch this when it was on Fridays before X-Files and then get bored of X-Files)
Avatar Book 1, Vol. 4
Bullets of Ballots
Carnivale - Season 2
City for Conquest
Code Breakers
Each Dawn I Die
Edison Force
Incredible Hulk - Season 1
Pee Wee Herman Show
Pretender - Season 4
Queer Duck
Ren & Stimpy - The Lost Episodes
San Quentin
She's the Man (Amanda Bynes)
Some Like it Hot (collectors Edition)
Spongebob Squarepants - Karate Island

Major Music Releases
Alien Ant Farm - Up in the Attic
Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry
Bone Crusher - Release the Beast
Bronx - Bronx
Celia Cruz - Tremendo Cache
Billy Ray Cyrus - I Wanna Be Your Joe
Eighteen Vision - Eighteen Visions
Feist - Open Season
French Kicks - Two Thousand
Neil Gaiman - Where's Neil When You NEed Him?
Lisa German - In Maybe World
Golden Smog - Another Fine Day
Helmet - Monochrome
Kottonmouth Kings - Droppin Bombs
Los Lonely Boys - Sacred
Thelonious Monk - Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins
Third Eye Blind - Best Of
XTC - Apple Box

John Tucker must Die - OST
Lady in the Water - OST
Monster House - OST
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - OST
You, Me, & Dupree - OST

The Bangles - We Are the 80's
Bow Wow Wow - We Are the 80's
Flock of Seagulls - We Are the 80's
Loverboy - We Are the 80's
Eddie Money - We Are the 80's
Scandal - We Are the 80's
Rick Springfield - We Are the 80's

SOURCE: my laydown list from work.
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