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Naomi has another tantrum!

Naomi Campbell, the supermodel with a history of violent outbursts, allegedly caused over $50 000 worth of damage to her boyfriend's yacht.

The reason? She was reportedly unhappy with the food prepared by an Italian chef, resulting in a flaming argument. Campbell (36) destroyed fittings and furniture to the value of $54 000 on Badr Jafar's yacht, reports The Sun.
The yacht was moored in Italy's Viareggio harbour at the time.

The model, who is currently fighting three assault lawsuits filed by former employees, seemingly lost her temper over the chef's tomato, mozzarella and dried ham starter with white wine.

The dish did not meet Campbell's satisfaction, and when the cook shouted back at the model, a furious Campbell is said to have begun throwing around items.

"All hell seemed to break loose," an onlooker told the English tabloid.
"All you could hear was shouting and screaming in English. There was the sound of plates being broken. Some of the crew later said the kitchen was a complete mess and the curtains and cushions had all been ripped apart."



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