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Hobbitcon Post!

As Adam Brown (@BrownAds) and Graham McTavish (@grahammctavish) have tweeted, they apparently had a blast at this weekend's Hobbitcon in Bonn, Germany.

For all of you, who haven't been at Hobbitcon, here is a compilation of the highlights that came up in the panels with the actors!

Jed Brophy is the most energetic man of the cast and frequently gets made fun of for that (especially by Mark Hadlow). His entrances to the stage for panels and ceremonies included him doing cartwheels, a SPLIT and walking on his hands.

Sylvester McCoys' started both of his panels by leaving the stage and instead walking around the audience, answering questions and leading all the people who wanted to ask him questions behind him like a trail of ducklings.

Mark Hadlow was the first man to ever utter the word "testicles" on the stage of the Ringcon and he went on to use it a lot during his panel.

Some of the funniest behind-the-scenes things actually happened during the barrel scene, but they were not allowed to talk about that.

Jed Brophy confirmed that they had already recorded some of the cast audio commentary and that it will be on the Extended DVD.

Adam Brown was single when he came to New Zealand. And he is still single. Really subtle there, Adam.

Peter Hambleton has thought a great deal about Gloin's backstory and his relationship to his family. He even made up a name for his dwarven wife, who Tolkien never named. However, as it was a rather special and private thing, the name remained secret. When asked about how Gloin would raise Gimli, he said that Gloin would teach Gimli a lot about the rich dwarven history and for fun, if Gimli had been good, he would be allowed to play with his father's abacus and count the gold coins. Beyond their role as moneykeepers in the quest of the dwarves, Oin and Gloin are also in charge of taking care of the fire.

During a little Quiz Show, when prompted to answer quickly, Stephen Hunter gave "Thranduil" as the name of the Goblin King.

Adam Brown, though, is well aware now that Gandalf's sword is called Glamdring and not Galadriel.

During a segment where one team of dwarves had to tell if a story told by the other team of dwarves was true or a lie, Dean O'Gorman told the audience about the time he got stuck in a letterbox when he was 19. It was when he was living with an elderly Irish lady for a flatmate and he had forgotten his keys when he came home at 5am, after a nightshoot. There was a letterbox next to the door that you could insert mail in from the outside and open it up from the inside to get the mail out. So he just thought he'd try and squeeze through the letterbox to reach for the doorknob and open the door. He instead got stuck halfway and had to yell for his flatmate to wake up, who then called the firemen (after having a drink), who extracted Dean. The whole ordeal took 2 hours.

As a special treat for the audience, Graham McTavish brought one of Dwalin's lower arms prosthetics that he had borrowed from WETA. It is really heavy and impossible to put on without the use of talcum powder. The sweat and powder used to build up during a day of shooting and extracting the arm would result in everybody involved being sprayed with what came to be known as "Dwalin-milk".

Adam Brown claims that the funniest thing of all was Graham McTavish on a horse. Graham on the other hand advised Adam to take a look in the mirror. He then went on to blame the horse for always wanting to run when he wanted it to stop. During a question about his new movie The Sixth Gun, which is a Western, Jed Brophy and Adam Brown ran up to the audience microphone and asked him since that movie was a western, how he was coping with the horses. Graham answered: "I shot them".

During their panel, Adam Brown and Jed Brophy were asked to improvise a scene from Ori and Nori's childhood. They performed a short scene of Nori trying to teach Ori how to deal with Wargs if he ever encountered any, which ended in a fight between the two and prompted Mark Hadlow to come onto the stage and scold them both for it.

Mark Hadlow says that he sees Dori as a motherly influence on Ori (and it is Dori who actually knits all the things that Ori wears), who tries to make him into a good dwarf. Nori on the other hand is a rather criminal influence on the young dwarf and Mark lamented the fact that even in real life, Adam Brown is starting to listen to Jed Brophy.

Graham and Adam also both highlighted the relationship between Ori and Dwalin, with Dwalin being fiercely protective of Ori, while Ori, at first frightened of the fierce dwarf, came to appreciate him as a comrade, who would really die for the people he considered his own.

All of the dwarves said that Richard Armitage is an incredibly sincere and generous man, a true leader and when asked if they would follow him on a quest in real life, they all said yes.

When asked to perform his best dance move, Adam Brown did the All the Single Ladies dance move. He also said he listens to Beyoncé when getting ready in his trailer.

Mark and Graham fondly remembered the visit of John Rhys-Davies on set during the early stages of production and his talk about how great the movies are going to be, while they all felt a little silly in their dwarf costumes for the first time.

And of course, there was quite a lot of talk about that Naughty Dwarf calendar.

Adam's picture involved the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which is owned by Peter Jackson), some roller skates and legwarmers.

Peter Hambleton's picture involved a very large vegetable.

Graham McTavish's picture is a parody of the "Man Holding A Baby"-poster, with him being the man and holding a shrunk down version of Adam Brown as the baby. Graham McTavish was also the art director for all of these pictures and did the prop-sourcing.

William's picture is the only one not done by Graham and it's of him in a padded cell, with his own prosthetic face near his groin.

Stephen's picture involved a very large bikini/bra.

Mark's picture is a Marilyn Monroe kind of picture.

Richard's picture is of him sitting on a chair the wrong way around (but facing the viewer), with his head back and his hair being blown with a hairdryer (you can actually see Graham's hand holding the hairdryer in the picture)

The calendar is hanging in Peter Jackson's bathroom.

In the end, all the actors seemed to have enjoyed their stay at Hobbitcon and John, Graham and Peter flat out said at the closing ceremony that they would like to come back next year.

Bonus picture of Adam Brown, Graham McTavish and Sylvester McCoy partying:

source 1
source 2
source 3: my memory.

This is all that I can remember. If you remember more, or have pictures or anything at all, please feel free to turn to the comments or we can always need more hobbit posts! This weekend was so amazing, I don't think I will ever, EVER forget this. Let's party the night away!!
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