10 Hollywood Resurrections Worth Celebrating This Easter

As Christians celebrate the ressurection of their savior Jesus Christ, TheWrap looks at 10 miraculous show-biz rebounds worth praising:

3D. Once a theatrical novelty (and occasional headache-inducer), 3D is now a serious force, and an easy way for studios to wring a few more bucks out of moviegoers. Even the remake of "The Great Gatsby" is being made in 3D -- which really ought to make the Hamptons decadence pop right out at you.

"Arrested Development." The cherished cult sitcom, which was canceled by Fox in 2006, has found new life in the form of a fourth season on Netflix. When the show's fans found out about the revival, many of them became so excited that they almost blue themselves.

Zombies. The scientific community is divided over whether zombies can actually be resurrected -- they do, after all, enjoy undead status. But with "The Walking Dead," "World War Z" and Amazon Studios' recently greenlit "Zombieland" pilot, they're certainly enjoying a resurgence in Hollywood.

Robert Downey, Jr. A string of drug-related arrests left this one-time Hollywood whiz kid's career teetering over the abyss. But look at him now. He's Iron Man. Are you Iron Man? Yeah, we didn't think so.


Attacks on the White House. In the pre-9/11 days, a moviegoer could look forward to hitting the theater, buying some popcorn, and watching 1600 Penn get blown to smithereens in "Independence Day." This year, films like "Olympus Has Fallen" and "White House Down" (directed by "Independence Day" helmsman Roland Emmerich) are ready to decimate the president's pad once again. Who says Hollywood is in Obama's pocket?

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How's your Easter so far, ONTD?