Andie MacDowell defends THAT Four Weddings line: ‘Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.’

It is regularly voted one of the worst movie lines ever.
Standing in a torrential downpour, a soaked Andie MacDowell concludes Four Weddings and a Funeral with the rather unconvincing claim: ‘Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.’
Now the actress has defended the film’s infamous closing scene against accusations it is unbearably cheesy, explaining: 'The character was so in love, she wasn’t thinking about the fricking rain.'

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Miss MacDowell, 54, said viewers are still ‘obsessed’ by her speech almost two decades after she played Hugh Grant’s American love interest Carrie in the hit romantic comedy.

Final scene: Andie said viewers are still 'obsessed' with the speech she makes in the final scene of the film
And she plans to create a series of spoof YouTube videos in which she will repeat the line in all different weathers.
She said: ‘People are obsessed with that line. I’m going to do a spoof about it. I was talking to my daughter about it.
‘I’ll do one video in the snow, and say “Is it snowing? I hadn’t noticed. Is the sun shining?”  I’ll do it in all kinds of weathers.
‘I might run up to random men and hold their face and say it.’

Miss MacDowell spoke to the Daily Mail at an event on Porto, Portugal, to launch a series of holiday charter boats including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee barge the Spirit of Chartwell, which has been bought by a luxury charter company.
The mother-of-three, who has been the face of cosmetics giant L’Oreal since 1986, still combines acting with promotional and modelling work.
In Four Weddings’ climactic final scene, her character arrives at the London home of bumbling Englishman Charles, played by Hugh Grant, after he has spurned his fiancee at the altar.
The pair rapidly become soaked as they declare their love on the pavement in the middle of a torrential thunder storm.
Mr Grant declared: ‘I realised I totally and utterly love one person and it wasn’t the person standing next to me in the aisle. It’s the person standing opposite me now in the rain.’
Mustering all her acting ability, Miss MacDowell replied with the now famous words: ‘Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.’

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The actress was 36 when she acted in Four Weddings in 1994.
She now admits the special effects department may have overdone the rain, but said she did not feel able to disagree with director Mike Newell.
She said: ‘I actually think it’s a really beautiful line. I don’t have a problem with it. People love to find something to laugh at.

‘I think the scene is gorgeous. If people enjoy making fun of that line, that’s fine.
‘The character was so in love, she wasn’t thinking about the fricking rain. I think perhaps it was raining a bit hard for the line. But that wasn’t my fault. Mike Newell was directing. I wasn’t going to disagree with him.’
She added: ‘We were so cold. I was freezing. I was shivering and your whole body seizes up. We probably did six or seven takes.
‘I don’t think any of us thought at the time it would become such a well-known line.’