Selena Gomez & others transform into zombies for the MTV Movie Awards

Turns out Selena looks just as pretty undead as she does alive! In a funny new promo for the MTV Movie Awards, she morphs into a zombie along with Emma Watson, Rebel Wilson, and more.

In a newly released promo video for the MTV Movie Awards, Selena Gomez does her best Walking Dead impression… and she still looks pretty good!

With the aide of a few camera tricks, Selena’s relatively innocent character from Spring Breakers begins to take on nasty scars and a cold, gray skin tone. Selena’s transformation into full zombie is pretty quick, but unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you feel — we don’t get to see Selena eat anyone’s brains.

Undead Selena Gomez is just one of many celebs who become infected in MTV’s new promo. Emma Watson’s cute pixie-cut from The Perks of Being a Wallflower looks way different when it’s attached to a devious-looking zombie. And Rebel Wilson, who is hosting the show, turns into a particularly gory zombie with blood dripping out of her mouth.

Also, funny guys like Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen turn into walkers.

The promo for the MTV Movie Awards, which is on Apr. 14, will fittingly air during The Walking Dead’s season finale this Sunday, Mar. 31.

As enthusiastic as our twisted minds are over Selena becoming a zombie, we’re actually more excited to see her take the stage at the show! “For the performance, I’m going to try to do things that nobody’s ever really seen from me and kind of take it to the next level,” Selena said on On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Sounds like it’s going to be amazing! Maybe the next level involves being a zombie? We’ll see!