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5ive don’t think One Direction would be successful in America without Twitter

Earlier today we spent a fun half an hour hanging out with 5ive. It’s a tough job… etc.

They boys answered your questions, but also asked one of their own. And it was quite an interesting question.

Talking about social media – which wasn’t a big deal the first time 5ive were about – the boys suggested that One Direction wouldn’t be as famous without it,

“We didn’t have social media back in the day, we didn’t have Twitter, Facebook, web chats nothing - we just turned up to places. Where as now you can be in room straight away with just one tweet,” said Scott.

Sean then asked, “Would One Direction be as big in America without Twitter that’s the question?

“No. They. Wouldn’t,” Scott answered.

“I’m not sure either,” added Sean. “We had to be there didn’t we? If we weren’t there we weren’t “there’”.

The boys do make an interesting point, but their comments are bound to get a few One Direction fans a little angry.

In fact we wouldn’t be surprised if 5ive were about to find out just what social networking can really do.

Scroll to the 29:00 minute mark to see 5ive talking about 1D. x
Tags: 1990s, british celebrities, interview, one direction

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