Beyonce & Blue Ivy spotted <3

Blue Ivy was spotted in her mommy’s arms rocking two pig tails and some timbs in Brooklyn on Court Street. Looking totally adorable. We were fortunate enough to get a rare glimpse of the toddler, which I appreciate.

I’m not going to lie Blue Ivy looks extra long in this picture. Mind you she has tall parents, so it would make SENSE that she would be a tall baby girl, and we haven’t seen a real picture of her since she was a baby. But for some people COMMON SENSE is not in everyone’s equation and thus the conspiracy theories begin. But, we will ignore those people cause I don’t believe in talking about the babies, and besides I want to continue to see more pictures of Blue Ivy. Some of y’all are going to ruin it for all of us. Keep it up and we will not see Blue Ivy until her first concert.