Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Fashian Post


Welcome to your weekly Kourtney Kardashian Fashian Post. This week, you will see me shed tears for the tragic clothing choices my Kween has made as well as pics of Glamazon Khloe saving the day with fab fashian.


Normally Kourtney Kardashian slays when it comes to her fashian sense.  Lately however, she has been slip sliding into a giant pile of WTF.  You guys know that I stan for my Kween but these past few weeks she has been dressing rather dowdy in clothes that do anything but flatter her petite figure.

Last week she started out on a sweet note, looking kute and kasual for an afternoon out with Lord Disick and company.  Here she is wearing a Greylin top, Monika Chiang leather pants, Balenciaga flats, Dita sunglasses from DASH, and a Chanel backpack.

Later in the week, she chose to go boho bold in what she describes as a gypsy inspired outfit complete with vintage Chanel fanny pack.

But then, suddenly and without warning, things start to take a turn for the worse...

For a girl's day out with her sister, Kween Kourtney wore an Ira top, Greylin shorts, a vintage Chanel belt, Manolo Blahnik pumps, sunglasses that came with Mason’s fireman outfit and a Tom Ford bag.  From the waist up, this is a kute preppy ensemble.  But those capris with that peplum shirt?  Not so much.  Slim fitting pants and flats would have made this outfit a hit, imo.

And then there was this hot mess. The a Townsend sweater and Cameo pants from DASH might be a good idea separately, but when paired together drown Kourtney's tiny 5' frame.  She paired the pants and shirt with Yves Saint Laurent shoes, a Tom Ford bag, a vintage Chanel necklace and a Kelly Wearstler ring.

This Wren romper was a considerably better choice for her body type, showing off all the weight she has lost since giving birth to Penelope.  She completes the outfit with Wildfox sunglasses, a vintage Gucci clutch that was her grandmothers, a Celine cuff, and Pucci sandals. I'm particularly partial to the vintage Gucci.

And for the biggest WTF of the week, there's this Asos dress that, when combined with those bangs, ages my beautiful and youthful Kween.  The Dita sunglasses from DASH, and vintage Gucci clutch (yet another bag that once belonged to her grandmother) are the only keepers in this fashian disaster. I mean gurl get it together!  You are still young and gorg.  Why the hell would you want to cover up a body you worked so hard to achieve and hide that flawfree face behind all that hair is beyond me.  It pains me to say but this is a giant fashian fail.

Compared to the previous outfit this one isn't as dreadful, but it's still making my corneas well up with tears.  The Smythe blazer from DASH is far to big for her and make this outfit look messy. The Kardashian Kollection top and leggings would be cute if paired separately but together do not really work.  The Tom Ford pumps are adorable though, as are the Hermes bag, and Dita sunglasses from DASH.

HOWEVER, look beyond my Kween and your will see a fashian forward Glamazon Khloe serving up some svelte chic realness. Look at that dress! Those shoes! Dat ass!!  She has seriously never looked better.

Khloe kontinued the kuteness later in the week opting for a striped mini and suede heels

In other Khloe news, she and Lamar got a new puppy whom they named Bernard. Isn't he kute as kan be???  PUPPY!!!!

*Forgot to add this new ad for the Kardashian Kollection*

This konkludes your weekly Kourtney/Khloe Kardashian Fashian post.  Have a wonderful Sunday, ONTD!


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