more pics from the untitled David O. Russell movie

The two played feuding in-laws in their last film together - the boxing drama The Fighter.

But Christian Bale and Amy Adams turned up the heat on the set of their new venture with director David O. Russell in his yet-to-be titled film shooting in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday.

In the movie the actors play lovers caught in a tumultuous triangle with Bradley Cooper.

The pair were dressed in 1970s attire for the currently untitled film documenting a real-life American scandal that exposed national corruption involving five U.S congressmen - codenamed by the FBI as Abscam.

Christian plays Melvin Weinberg, a conman turned government agent at the center of the FBI's famous Abscam sting operation in the Seventies that ultimately led to the conviction of a number of American politicians.

Amy, 38, portrays Maxine Gardner, Weinberg's co-conspirator and mistress in the film.

Director David O. Russell told The Playlist that the film is: 'a crime drama that's really about some very high end financial con artists who are very colorful, strange characters.'

He promised that both Amy and Christian are: 'going to do things we haven't seen them do [before] in this movie.'

And the director revealed that audiences have more than a little romance to look forward to in the historical drama: 'There's a love triangle between Amy, Bradley and Christian. And Jeremy [Renner] and Christian have kind of a very unexpected bromance because they're very similar New Jersey, New York type characters, so they really take to each other.'

Russell continued to explain: 'Bradley's going to be like you never saw him. Christian will be... I don't want to give too much of it away but they're all playing real life characters from the ‘70s and they're very intense in an insane drama.'


Jennifer Lawrence shows off her character's 70's style updo while on set of Abscam in Boston, MA on March 22, 2013. In the highly anticipated production, Lawrence plays Marie Weinberg, the wife of Abscam FBI informant Mel Weinberg, who is played by Christian Bale.