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Superman star has tantrum after make-up made him look 'wimpy'

As America's favourite super hero, Superman is the epitomy of manliness.

But it appears the actor drafted in to play Clark Kent in the new movie sequel is more concerned with his make-up than saving the world.

American star Brandon Routh was left furious this week after he complained the make-up used on his face at a press conference made him look pale, artificial and 'a bit wimpy'.

The actor became annoyed when he saw pictures of himself posing up next to his Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth, who, he said, looked much more natural and sunkissed.

After the Superman Returns press conference at London's Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday afternoon, Routh's aides had new darker foundation flown in for him to use in time for last night's premiere in Leicester Square.

"To say that Brandon was livid with his make-up is an understatement," said an aide.

"The problem arose when he posed for photographs beside his co-star Kate Bosworth - who has a fantastic tan - and he realised that he looked pale and artificial in comparison.

"Basically there was a problem with the shade of his tinted moisturiser - it was slightly lighter than his natural skin tone - so he asked for an expensive fake tan moisturiser to be used instead.

"A waterproof, gradual build one which develops over time was eventually found and has given him a natural, all-over golden glow.

"This is Brandon's first major movie premiere and in front of thousands of screaming fans, it is understandable that he wanted to look like a tanned, Adonis of a superhero and not a pale-skinned wimp."

In stark contrast to his all-action counterpart, Routh refused to tackle the rather embarrassing topic head-on.

Instead, he ordered his personal assistant to do it for him.

So, within minutes the film company's specialist make-up artist had been hauled in and instructed to make Routh more tanned.

The young star's diva-like behaviour is a far cry from that of his straight-talking predecessor, Christopher Reeve, who first played Superman - and the character's alter ego Clark Kent - in 1978.

Reeve, who was paralysed in a horse riding accident in 1995, died of a heart attack two years ago after bravely battling to regain the use of his voice and the use of his arms.

And while Reeve was widely acclaimed for his rugged but graceful portrayal of Superman, Routh's portrayal has been described as a rather more effeminate hero.

In the eagerly anticipated £200million blockbuster movie, Routh stars opposite Orlando Bloom's girlfriend Miss Bosworth and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey.

Speaking at the UK press conference, Routh said: "I was aware of the great legacy, not only of Superman, but also of Christopher Reeve. He's the one that made me love Superman, watching him perform.

"I did my best to always remember that there was this great respect that needed to be paid but also not worry about whether I was going to be good enough, as that would have got in the way of my performance.

"You have to try to imagine what it's like to be the most powerful person on earth and there's no room for fear in that."


I really hope this is complete bullshit, because if it isn't, that's beyond sad.
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