No Mazel For You! Andy Cohen Rips Adrienne Maloof At RHOBH Reunion Special For Blowing It Off

Adrienne Maloof is clearly not getting Andy Cohen’s ‘Mazel of the Day’ shout-out anytime soon.

During the filming of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special recently, Cohen was not his usual affable self as he icily announced that Maloof had blown off the taping, as evident in this clip just posted on Bravo’s website.

A clearly unhappy Cohen faced the camera to make the announcement, saying: “Well, today we are missing one of the Housewives who’s been with us since the beginning. Adrienne Maloof has decided not to participate today.

“This season was hard on Adrienne, as you all know. A secret about her family was revealed by Brandi. (Glanville) And from that moment on, Adrienne refused to speak directly about it. We know that frustrated you in the audience. It frustrated all of us too…” he said.

“Adrienne won’t be here to tell her side of the story. Not only is she absent tonight, but she won’t be on the show next season,” Cohen stated.

And then, after a dramatic pause, Cohen finished with this zinger: “Adrienne Maloof’s final act as a Housewife was NOT showing up tonight.”

On Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Kyle Richards called into the show (her sister Kim was a guest, along with Lisa Rinna),and spoke about the reunion special, saying: ”Hi my God… It was a very upsetting day, a very emotional day… I think people are going to be shocked.”

Video at source. That sassy Andy Cohen.