LOL THIS IS RICH: The Angry Banjo Band Call Out Copycats

When even the Grammy-winning golden boys of acoustic folk-rock are throwing shade, you know it's time to pump the brakes.

In their new cover feature interview with Rolling Stone, Mumford & Sons keyboardist Ben Lovett addressed the folk-rock craze that's hijacked both the mainstream and the indie darlings. From hipster icons to the latest "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips' direct mirroring of an updated Dave Matthews sound, it's inescapable – something that hasn't been lost on the band.

"The only thing that makes me a bit sad about it is that if people think that it's a good commercial move," Lovett told RS. "I think that's just stupid. Because it's not about the setup. It's about the songs, how we're expressing our songs with this kind of accidental selection of instruments. That's not like a formula to go and sell records. When we started it was quite fun doing what we were doing 'cause no one else was doing it. It was like our little secret." (OH MY GOD SHUT UP)

While intimate harmonies and passionate acoustic folk is hardly a new novelty, the revitalized spirit in the Mumford approach certainly isn't such a secret anymore, as the band's Album of the Year Grammy win and recent explosion of bands like the Lumineers on radio clearly indicate.

In fact, hearing Phillips' smash single "Home" on the radio, Lovett thought it might've been his own band. "I was like, 'What's that? Did we do that?'" he mused.


Bitchez pls! Like your entire body of work isn't ripped off from the Fleet Foxes' back catalogue lbr.