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Outrage as Princess Diana's "Last Photo" is published

WORLDWIDE fury erupted last night after an Italian magazine and a paper published sickening pictures of Princess Diana’s death.

One was a photo of her lying fatally injured just after the Paris car crash.

The others were harrowing autopsy drawings detailing her wounds.

There was outrage at the shameful decision to break an unofficial international blackout on the images.

And it came as a devastating blow to Princes William and Harry — seven weeks from the ninth anniversary of their mother’s death.

They were said to be “sickened and appalled”.

The pictures appeared in Chi magazine and leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The black and white photo shows Diana with her head to one side as a paramedic tries to fit an oxygen mask to her face.

She is slumped in the back of the silver Mercedes in which she, Dodi Fayed, and their chauffeur Henri Paul died on August 31, 1997.

Diana’s former equerry and private secretary, Patrick Jephson, said of the pictures: “I feel sickened and very sad.”

And her former bodyguard Ken Wharfe said: “I feel very sad for Prince Harry and Prince William.

“We have to hope this is an isolated incident rather than the green light for magazine editors around the world.”

Clarence House, which represents Prince Charles as well as sons William and Harry, refused comment.

But a source said: “This is appalling news. The feeling at the moment is that there is nothing that can be done from a legal position to stop these from being published.”

Dodi’s father, Harrods boss Mohammed Fayed, 77, said: “This heartless pursuit of money brings shame on those responsible for producing such a vile publication.”

The pictures are from a previously unseen set which will be used to illustrate a book published later this month by French crime writer Jean Michel Caradec’h. It is based on the French inquiry into the crash.

The editor of Chi tried to justify his decision to print the photo last night.

Umberto Brindani, based in Milan, said: “I published the picture for a very simple reason — it has never been seen before.”

• THE ex-wife of the TV cameraman who claimed he had a 2½-minute quickie with Diana branded him “The Ultimate Cad” last night.

Sebastian Rich’s ex Penny, 54, laughed: “I’m not surprised it was only 2½ minutes — he’s so vain he only ever thought of himself.”

Source: The Sun

I read somewhere else that apparently these magazines could go on sale in the UK as well, and that the photograph may end up published here too.

And, I love how the Sun just have to include something sexual at the end.
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