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Exclusive: Britney Spears in L.V. Reconaissance as Residency Deal Nears
Contract negotiations for the proposed Britney Spears residency have reached the point that the pop princess will arrive here next week to tour PH Live at Planet Hollywood.

From three inside sources, I have confirmed that all parties have agreed to the negotiations of the number of shows she’ll perform over a two-year run. “All that really remains now is the dotting of the I’s and the crossing of the T’s,” I was told. “It’s very, very close to being finalized and becoming official.”

Vegas DeLuxe was first to break the news of the proposed residency on Jan. 10. Britney apparently wants to start her visit here next week by getting familiar with the theater. She also will look at luxury homes in Las Vegas in the event she chooses not to stay in a hotel while performing here.

“She wants to get familiarized with the city,” one of the insiders told me. “Britney has really only seen Las Vegas on very quick visits for one-night shows and club appearances. She’s a single mother with two young sons and wants to get to know what Las Vegas is all about off the Strip.”

There is no official word as to when the shows would start. Her new Las Vegas stage show would have to be conceptualized, created and then produced with videos, effects, dancers and musicians. New lighting and audio equipment would have to be installed.

Insiders tell me that as part of the two-year Caesars Entertainment commitment, the 7,400-seat PH Live theater -- owned for now by Base Entertainment -- will undergo a makeover and renovation. This takes time and isn’t a press the button and instantly a full Las Vegas production show comes to life as the curtain rises.

“With advance planning, casting and then intensive rehearsals, you would be looking at a Britney show to start late fall this year or early spring next year -- providing the contracts get signed in the next few days. We have to remember there’s always the possibility of a last-minute hiccup because so many moving parts are involved.

“But the deal points, the money, the number of concerts and the contract terms have been fully negotiated and agreed to -- we are very, very close now to making it all official. That means days rather than weeks,” I was told. “You’ll probably know it first.

“The fact that Britney will be here next week indicates that it’s all coming very close now.”


TL;DR it's like 99% confirmed at this point. And it looks like she'll be in Vegas next week to check out the city, NOT to make an announcement.