Millionaire Matchmaker Person Accuses SNL Of Plagiarizing His “Rosetta Stone” Sketch

Did SNL plagiarize their latest "Rosetta Stone Thai Edition"  sketch? It definitely looks like it.

Brandon Broussard, creator of Youtube sketch show, Purple Stuff TV, and appeared in Season 5 of Millionaire Matchmaker, claims the writers of SNL plagiarized his sketch, 'Rosetta Stone for Whores' in a recent episode.


The show in question was hosted by Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine on January 26th. The sketch that Mr. Broussard contends is a knock off is the 'Rosetta Stone Thai Edition'. Beyond the fact that they are both sketches parodying the late night Rosetta Stone informercials, Broussard specifically points to lines in the scripts he alleges are identical to the ones from his sketch that was posted two years ago.

The lines are "Learn Phrases like: how much? is that for the whole night? Oh My God, what have I done?"


In an exclusive statement to Carlton Jordan, Broussard states,  "Clearly, someone saw ours then went in and pitched an abridged version but that part with the phrases like and then the husband in the bedroom and it's thai!"

Check it out for yourself to see:

Purple Stuff Version:

SNL Version:

Who's zoomin who? Is SNL scouring YouTube now for sketch ideas? Broussard is considering taking legal action, especially after an attempt to reach NBC resulted in the following response:

Thanks for your email. NBC values your comments, but unfortunately, due to the volume of emails we receive, we cannot respond to each one. Please check our FAQ section to see if your question is answered there.


Source: Carlton Jordan