Josh Hutcherson Went Bowling With His Mom, Because He’s The Cutest Thing Ever

In news that will make you want to hug Josh Hutcherson, shrink him down to nugget-size and keep him in your pocket, the Catching Fire star got spotted bowling with his mother in Studio City yesterday. Can we pretend we’re a studio audience watching Danny Tanner apologize to his daughters in the last five minutes of a touching Full House episode and let out a collective awwwww.

He’s clearly as good-hearted at his character Peeta Mellark. But less inclined to murder people due to his upbringing in a non-apocalyptic world. In other words, he’s perfect.

C’mon. How often do you see 20-year-old guys bowling with their moms. On a day that’s not designated as spend-time-with-your-mother-day. Never, right? Sure I’m not an avid enough bowler to make that statement conclusively, but experience with 20-year-old guys tells me I’m right. I never recall texting one and getting the response, “sorry I can’t come over tonight, I’m out bowling with my mom. Then we’re probably going to get dinner and talk about her favorite college professors. After that, who knows? Froyo? A movie? I can’t be sure. We’re just having so much fun that I can’t predict where the night will take us.”

Of course I dealt exclusively with 20-year-old guys who believed themselves to be very cool. Which usually meant they weren’t. At all. That’s why I love Josh Hutcherson. He doesn’t care about being spotted bowling with his mom. He’s not trying to be cool, he just is cool. Which only makes him cooler. And cuter. And man oh man, I want to collect him like a Pokemon and just keep him around for when I need to feel better about life.

I’m not sure how much celebrities charge for that kind of service, but I’m more than happy to set up a Kickstarter and start raising the necessary funds. Who’s with me?

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