When The View returned to it’s live shows this morning, moderator Whoopi Goldberg mentioned that over the weekend, there was a bit of craziness in the news surrounding her fellow castmates regarding who would be staying and who was going.

Within the first few minutes, the confusion was cleared: it was confirmed that Joy Behar, 70, would be leaving the show come August.

Barbara Walters said the news was somewhat “bittersweet” considering “Joy and I started this show together.” Behar replied that she would miss the morning chat fest that helped to make her more known (she’s been a comedienne for years) and that she was grateful.

However, it seems like US Weekly got the news on Elisabeth Hasselbeck all wrong: she was not fired for her strong views and in fact, was heralded on them.

“There is a particularly false story that keeps getting picked up about Elisabeth’s alleged departure, saying we don’t approve of her conservative views,” said Walters. “The truth is, we love Elisabeth [and] we value and appreciate her point of view. She helps give this show perspective and balance… We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show.”