Breaking down #YUNGRAPUNXEL

"Yung Rapunxel" sounds like a warped 90's electronic mix of Tricky, The Prodigy and Goldie, sprinkled with Azealia Banks' "212". Perhaps a quiet homage in contrast to a loud, spitting tornado storm of Tourette's disordered hooks that can easily become a commencement to moshing grounds, the young rapster has sonically admired and often sampled/covered some of the aforementioned artists, so the track in itself could very well be an anarchic "euro-salute" to artists, bands, festivals and all things live.

"Miss Amor"/"Miss Camaraderie" were suppose to be the lead-up singles to Banks' forthcoming debut Broke With Expensive Taste but those singles were later scrapped which led some critics to wonder why the single change was so last minute. Did it have anything to do with Banks possibly nudging her label to put out "Yung Rapunxel" instead? As she croons determinedly within seconds of the track, "I wanna be free..." Does she know something they don't? Whatever the case, the label clearly supports her as a new artist to release such a risk single but maybe we have slept on Banks' marketing ability.

From naming the song to "Yung Rapunxel," the name same as her Twitter handle, and releasing artwork that is perhaps the most unflattering image she's ever taken, though if we examine further her image wasn't so clean cut in the first place, so we are more familiar with this Azealia. The word "Yung Rapunxel" is hashtagged and right under is a chain necklace that reads "BANK$" that Azealia is wearing in a textured grayscale image, similar to her "212" clip, as she screams her head (and apparently eyes) out almost as if every rhyme, every lyric and every pun is somehow heightened which after hearing the track makes sense. Banks refers to it as "212"'s strange of kin. The song is also sonically a live gem that is sure to liven up the festivals and shows that Banks has in store throughout this year following the release of her album.

But the question is, with all of the media buzz coinciding with the recent Twitter feuds, could Azealia Banks be destroying her music career or secretly be the secret marketing maven we single-handedly underestimated?

Time will tell.