Kim Kardashian loves the UAE-style "Vampire facelift"


Kim Kardashian reportedly counts on this new treatment to keep her looking young and Oscars attendees could well get bitten by the bug after receiving a voucher in their goodie bags.

Now the ‘Vampire facelift’ has glided its way into the UAE - but the man who brought it here said There's nothing Bram stoker about it. There are no bats, coffins or crosses anywhere near his clinic, says Dr Allen Rezai of Elise Cosmetic Surgery Group.

He said the treatment simply involves taking 10ml to 30ml of blood from a patient’s arm and injecting it into their face to make the skin “tighter and looking fresher”.

The Swedish surgeon insists the treatment - officially called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation therapy - is a winner.

“There’s nothing Dracula about it,” he said laughing. “It’s from your blood and goes back to your body - so there is no risk of allergic reaction.”

celebs love it because it only takes 45 minutes to an hour to do, leaving just a small bruise. “After three hours you can put your make-up back on,” says Dr Rezai.

Results will be seen after three to four weeks with “the real difference” noticeable after two to three months. While it will sort out the wrinkles, it will bite a chunk out of your bank balance. A ‘Vampire facelift’ costs Dhs4,000 a go. The good news is, its effects are said to last up to one year.
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