Lead Singer of "The Stone Roses" Calls Azealia Banks a racial slur.

Witnesses claim Ms Banks stopped mid-set to confront the Stone Roses, when the fight occurred.

It is alleged lead vocalist of the Stone Roses, 50 year old Ian Brown, was restrained by security after coming within two feet of Ms. Banks.

"The lead singer was screaming threats at her, saying ‘I want to fucking kill, you fucking n**ga’,” said a member of staff from Future Music Festival

Ms. Banks fired back on twitter saying, "Big apologies on behalf of the stone roses to my fans at the festival today.

"My ex tour manager made a pact with the stone roses saying they'd sabotage my set because I fired him.

"And they decided to check their equipment behind me during my set.

"Wow a bunch of old white men trying to bully a young black girl… What the fuck else is new in this world???”

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Soooooo I bet Azealia is still in the wrong. rme