A 'Sweet Valley High' Ghostwriter On Living A Double Life

In her 20s, Amy Boesky lived a double life.

By day, she was a Harvard graduate studying 17th century British literature at Oxford. By night and on weekends, she was a ghostwriter for the popular teen book series Sweet Valley High.

"It was ... a sort of [an] antidote, a kind of escape hatch from the more rigorous world of scholarship and academia in which I was living," she tells NPR's Lynn Neary.

Over the course of six years, Boesky wrote more than 50 books for the series under the pseudonym Kate William. Boesky, who is now a professor of English at Boston College, revealed her past in a piece for The Kenyon Review.

At the time, only the people closest to Boesky knew about her life as a ghostwriter. Her professors and advisers had no idea.

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