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From the mouths of trust fund babes

Project runway spoiler + other random tidbits

Season three of "Project Runway" premiered on Bravo last night, but a tragic accident marred the finale of the Heidi Klum show.

Designers compete for $100,000, a car and other prizes, while their model wins a spread in Elle magazine.

Hungarian model Jia Santos (whose real name is Eliza Jakubek), 18, became one of the three finalists. But near the end of taping, she was struck by a bus while riding her bike to the show's location in the city.

"She was dragged underneath the bus," her agent, Avenue Models' Javier Hernandez, told us yesterday. "She fractured her skull and her eye socket and was in critical condition for three days. Now she has been in intensive care for a month."

Her first words upon waking up, Hernandez tells us, were: "Am I still on 'Project Runway'?"

Santos still appears in the show, and her accident is explained during the finale. Hernandez said she was modeling to support her parents in their Hungarian village.

"Everyone from the show has been really supportive and offered their help to get her parents a visa to visit her in the hospital and work on a benefit for her," he said.

"Q&U," aka Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman, caught up at Bungalow 8 Tuesday night. Thurman checked out early, leaving the director free to liplock with a twentysomething sweetheart, who seemed to be a recent acquaintance.

WABC radio personality Frank the Diet Guy has volunteered his services to slim down Lil' Kim. The Jersey native said he'll show up at her door (uninvited) to act as a weight-loss coach during her month of house arrest.

Lindsay Lohan likes new beau Harry Morton so much, she's gone exclusive with the Hard Rock heir. Friends say Lohan is known to date several men at a time, but she's committed to the hunky hotelier

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