Cinderella (1950) vs Sleeping Beauty (1959)


With the news of Disney moving away from classic animation, here is a run-down of 2 of the most famous Disney animated Princess movies to see which comes out on top.

Cinderella is a tale of a good-hearted girl whose stepmother forces her to cook, clean, and care for her stepdaughters, essentially making her a servant in her own home. Instead of letting this anger her, Cinderella remains hopeful and optimistic that one day she can escape her life of servitude. That chance comes when, with the help of some faithful friends and a fairy godmother, Cinderella gets the chance to go to the ball and meet Prince Charming; so long as she can make it back in time!
Sleeping Beauty is about another kind-hearted princess, Aurora, living with misfortune. An evil fairy, Maleficent, curses her as a child that she should die upon her 16th birthday. With the help of three fairy aunts Aurora (renamed Briar Rose) lives hidden away in the forest for 16 years unaware of her true identity. Things go amiss when Maleficent discovers her whereabouts and it’s up to Prince Philip to slay the dragon and save the princess. Both of these stories are time-honored classics but none more than Cinderella, a story beloved across many nations and shown here in pure Disney fashion.
Point: Cinderella

Let’s break this down. First we have the two princesses. Both are pure-hearted, kind individuals that would be wonderful role models for young girls. Cinderella shows the power of perseverance, hard-work, and forgiveness. Sleeping Beauty, unfortunately, doesn’t see much screen time as she ends up pricking her finger and falling into a magical sleep, leaving her prince to take center stage. Cinderella clearly has better character development. As for the princes, Prince Charming may be adorable and noble but it is the charismatic Prince Philip who steals the show with his humorous relationship with his horse and determination to save his love from Maleficent.
Speaking of villains, both stories present us with incredibly formidable and time-tested ones. Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s evil stepmother) is truly a horrible woman; condemning her stepdaughter to a life of servitude and treating her no better than an animal. But there is no one who can compare to the powerful, magical, and let’s face it, HBIC, that is Maleficent. Her dark magic is strong and her determination to right wrongs against her even stronger. Not to mention she turns into a dragon. Lastly we have the secondary characters. Both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have humorous and lovable secondary characters and it’s impossible to choose between them. Overall, Sleeping Beauty wins this round.
Point: Sleeping Beauty

Go to the source to see breakdowns of the Music, Animation, and Direction for both movies and who won each category.

Winner: Sleeping Beauty!