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Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor and Boyfriend Vincent de Paul?

Like it or not, Vanderpump Rules was the much needed infusion of summer into a long winter slump. The show, featuring West Hollywood hotties working at Sur - one of RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants - bickering over relationships and indiscretions, real or fabricated, set things afire for the last two months. (For loyal and some not-so-loyal Bravo viewers, at least.)

The storylined that ended up dominating the season was that of Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder, a gorgeous on-again/off-again couple with seemingly no redeeming qualities. Jax, a full-of-himself liar, cheater, and coward; and Stassi, an also full-of-herself (perhaps overly confident) mean, mean girl. However, the series finale and reunion revealed that Jax's cheating with a woman in Vegas and potential resulting pregnancy may have been the reason why Stassi had her mean girl mask on a little too tightly.

Fun season, right? Jax realizes his shortcomings, Stassi moves on, everyone remains fabulous. As for the pair, they either are or aren't together at this point. But the real question is: are they still together, or have they ever been at all?

Can someone please explain this photo of Jax Taylor at LA Fashion Week in October 2007 with apparent then-boyfriend, actor Vincent de Paul?

Not that reality TV isn't scripted, and not that there's anything wrong with this or that -- but you'd think that Bravo TV would remember that there is this thing called the internet and that receipts can turn up anywhere.


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