Blind Item Revealed

remember this blind item from Lainey?

He’s young, super hot, and engaged. To someone also young, also hot, and arguably more famous, for now. But she wasn’t with him. Which is why he could focus all his attention on someone else -- a beautiful girl made famous by a franchise who is growing out her hair while his fiancée currently prefers it the opposite way.

They were flirting for a long, long time. All he wanted to do was talk to her. And laugh with her. And it was just the two of them until almost the end of the night. They were close to the last ones to leave. Am told “he seemed waayyyy into her”, so much so that if “(his fiancée) was there, she would not have been happy about it. But he probably wouldn’t have been like that if she was there anyway”.

Miley Cyrus stepped out with blue hair she calls platinum the other day after it was widely rumoured last week that fiancé Liam Hemsworth was cheating on her with January Jones. I’m not saying Liam isn’t...

But that story wasn’t sourced. That story originated because the paps were standing outside a party and shot them getting into a car together. That photo set was then sent to every tabloid. Needless to say, they Photo Assumptioned the rest. Which is totally not the same as, say, seeing Liam at a pre-Oscar party with all his attention focused on Emma Watson. For the entire night. If you had no idea, watching them together, watching him flirt with her, as his face would get closer and closer, and he seemed to find a reason to touch her somewhere -- shoulder, hand, knee -- as often as possible, you would never think there was a fiancée, and if there was, you wouldn’t want to be in that position.

The problem is the accuracy rate of Star Magazine and the Radar Online family. Because they get so much sh-t wrong, and photo assumption their stories so often, and celebrities are so good at lying to themselves, they wave it off...

When, really, they really, really shouldn’t.

It may or may not have gone down with January Jones but the way Liam was looking at Emma Watson, it’s only a matter a time. God, could we have expected any other outcome? He’s 23 to Miley’s 20. In Hollywood. A rising star. It’s almost endearingly naive, her social networking bravado about the resilience of love.

Britney was also 20 when she and Justin Timberlake ended their relationship.