Conservative Pundit Michelle Malkin mocks Michelle Obama

First, Michelle Obama made a dancing video with Jimmy Fallon and America swooned.

Then, Michelle Obama appeared at the Oscars and America decided that swooning was maybe a little much.

Now, another Michelle — conservative writer Michelle Malkin — has released a parody video of the First Lady’s Fallon-collab-dance-stravaganza. It does contain dancing. There, the similarities stop.

“Evolution of Liberal Dancing” is, in the following order: kinda strange, kinda long, and kinda funky. Strange because it features Malkin in heavy black bangs and an all-black outfit; long because the thing is almost two minutes and includes more than one shot of Malkin getting (presumably fake) hair in her face; and funky because, well, the “Sequester Shake” looks sort of fun to do…as long as doing it doesn’t also involve traveling to the Planet of the Hideous Orange Backdrop.

What do you think of the video: super-sharp satire or pale imitation? And did Malkin miss a prime target in not spoofing Fallon’s taste in mom-cardigans?

Here she is talking shit on Sean Hannity's Show