'The Face' recap: Naomi Campbell doesn't want to hear your sob story.

Sob Stories? Naomi Campbell’s Got No Time For All That On The Face

Oh, I see. You thought you could win The Face competition by appealing to Naomi Campbell’s softer side, tugging at her British heart strings and one-upping each other on who had the worst childhood? Nope, WRONG. First of all, Naomi Campbell doesn’t even have a softer side, so you’re better off challenging her in a cage fight elimination round than to give her a story about how you are struggling to make it in this world. Everyone is struggling to make it in this world – it’s called being in your 20′s, sweetheart. Second, Naomi’s too busy strategizing how to get her model team to win and then vote off the loser to her best advantage. So, be winning or be getting out of Naomi’s face. ‘Cause we all know that though she may empathize for a minute, thinking back on her early model career days, she’ll give you a swift kick in your size 2 ass…and be done with yah. The model girls on Team Naomi stand the best chance in this competition. Naomi will give you the best advice to win but also scare the living crap out of you if you lose. It’s model parenting at its best. Can you imagine Naomi Campbell and Nigel Barker as your parents? So dope.

Episode 3 of The Face has our models “Falling from Grace” as they compete in the usual Test Shoots, followed by the Campaign. Our newbie model Stephanie Lalanne has been on the bottom for the last two episodes. The other girls are hatin’ on her and her not being eliminated thus far. With more  revelations of daddy issues and trouble paying rent on time problems, we’re ready to jump into our test shoot segment.

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