Law and Order: SVU not giving a damn (SPOILERS)


Chris Brown & Rihanna will never be able to escape the night he viciously beat her on the night of the 2009 Grammys. Four years later, that incident was the basis for this week’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’ — but did NBC do the story justice?

Chris Brown must always live with his violent past against Rihanna, which is now forever documented on the Feb. 27 episode of Law & Order: SVU. But rather than a straight re-telling of Chris and Rihanna’s story, the writers took things a little further, predicting what could happen if a “promising singer” were to stay with her “popular hip-hop star” boyfriend and remain silent when he acted out.

The Episode Begins With The Beating

The episode awkwardly began with a caption on the screen telling us it was notbased on anyone in real life. We see a young singer named Misha performing a duet with Caleb Bryant — interesting initials “CB” — showing that they are really in love with each other. Dave Navarro plays the sound engineer, and one of the few people excited that Misha will become a singing sensation. Then, two seconds after kissing on Misha, Caleb moves onto a background singer that looks exactly like Karrueche Tran. Misha obviously sees what is going on, but instead of handling it like a man, Caleb beats her up in front of a handful of people.

Caleb is a big jerk, getting a hold of his lawyer by saying, “Somebody call my jew!” when he gets arrested for the beating that has now been blasted all over Perez Hilton‘s website. What’s alsointeresting is that when this happens, they actually have the words “Chris Brown & Rihanna” on screen. Comparing this beating to the one of Chris and RiRi were involved in is art imitating life.

The Chris Brown Character (Caleb Bryant) Gets Away With The Assault

Though he is arrested, Caleb goes onto The Wendy Williams Show to apologize, offering Misha a friendship ring. Then he actually violates a restraining order when the police find him in bed with her, so he gets sent to court and receives another slap on the wrist. The cops continue to be frustrated that he gets away with things, over and over. Caleb even gets arrested again when he is found with pot, but Misha continues to fall in love with him. Going back to the man who abused her; it certanly sounds like Rihanna and Chris, doesn’t it?

Truth & Fiction Begin To Blur

During a record release party, Caleb breaks his restraining order again, shooting and killing his former band manager, and harming Misha again. Caleb may be a huge thug, but he has tons of talent, so his fans and the law are at an odds. Misha continues to lie for her love, even covering for him while the police visit her in the hospital.

But its the death of his former band manager, who is now Misha’s band manager, that really gets the case moving forward — because she actually cares for the man she calls “Brass.” The cops bring Brass’s family to make Misha start talking, and it works.

Misha (Rihanna) Finally Tells The Cops The Truth

Misha claims it all started when she found a text on Caleb’s phone in a club from another girl. That was the first beating, which was actually very similar to Chris and Rihanna’s infamous moment in 2009 when he beat her after arguing over a text! Back to the show, Misha admits that Caleb shot Brass and the case moves forward to get Caleb the punishment he deserves.

Misha & Caleb’s Shocking Twist Ending

Caleb goes back to court as Misha doesn’t tell the truth on all the incidents which gets the case thrown out, and the cops very upset. The police suggest the next thing that will happen is that Caleb will kill her — and they’re right! Caleb and Misha go to Bermuda on a private yacht, and when she gets him mad again after another text, he kills her.

Overall, the show took some liberties in re-telling — and adding onto — the couple’s story, but pretty much wrapped things up exactly as they are: Chris is a violent man and Rihanna accepts a bad man in her life. How sad!

BONUS: What I Noticed

1.Caleb Bryant = Chris Brown

The woman beater's name in tonight's episode had the same initials as Chris Brown. Coincidence? Not.

2.Caleb wore a similar outfit while apologizing to the public on Wendy Williams' show as Chris did on Larry King's show.




I cried at the end of this episode :( At least Mariska was flawless, as usual. She wasn't playing any games in this episode.

And OMG at them killing the Jay Z type character. Poor fake Beyonce :(