Law and Order: SVU not giving a damn (SPOILERS)


Chris Brown & Rihanna will never be able to escape the night he viciously beat her on the night of the 2009 Grammys. Four years later, that incident was the basis for this week’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’ — but did NBC do the story justice?

Chris Brown must always live with his violent past against Rihanna, which is now forever documented on the Feb. 27 episode of Law & Order: SVU. But rather than a straight re-telling of Chris and Rihanna’s story, the writers took things a little further, predicting what could happen if a “promising singer” were to stay with her “popular hip-hop star” boyfriend and remain silent when he acted out.

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I cried at the end of this episode :( At least Mariska was flawless, as usual. She wasn't playing any games in this episode.

And OMG at them killing the Jay Z type character. Poor fake Beyonce :(