Top Television Spinoffs

Television has been around for many years. Sometimes during seasons there is a cast shake up, or scenery change. But during some shows there is that ONE episode that feels out of place. In that one episode we meet tons of different characters while our main characters are pushed to the background. This is what the industry calls a backdoor pilot. Sometimes characters from the original show just goes off to do their own show without a backdoor pilot to hopefully bank on their popularity. Here is a list of some of the top best Television spin offs that have in some cases done better than the original show it came from.

Family Matters

Before Family Matters the character Harriette Winslow was a character on the show Perfect Strangers. Family Matters was created in 1989 and ran for 9 seasons ending in 1998 while Perfect Strangers ran for only 8. The show grew in popularity once the arrival of Steve Urkel happened. The show became less about the family and more about Steve and his misadventures. The original actress who played Harriette realized this and left the show during it's final season. Ironic seeing as the show was created because of this. She was recast. But that wasn't the only major cast shake up this cast has had. Harriette and Carl Winslow had another daughter Judy who dissappeared after season 4 to never be mentioned again and Richie's mother Rachael but she returned for a couple of guest spots.

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