The Opie & Anthony Show's First Annual "Gay-Off" Went Disturbingly Wrong.

Premise: Four married heterosexual couples come in the studio. The men have to perform progressively erotic acts with each other and a hired gigolo while the wives watch. Both the men and women can choose to tap out leaving the last couple standing as the winner. The winner gets 1,500 dollars.

Over the last several weeks O&A have lamented the increasingly high amount of homosexuality that has permeated the show. The Gay-Off, which was initially the first in an annual series, was intended to be their goodbye to the gayness so they could move on from it and hopefully salvage their careers/reputations.

The Gay-Off went bad. O&A were stunned into silence by the horror they witnessed. The stench of asshole filled the air as things progressed from tickling and ass sniffing (which O&A naively assumed to be the worst it would get) to making out, fondling and everything shy of penetration/bodily fluids (which aren't allowed). One of the wives was really into it while the other three were said to be staring into space.

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