Smash's Karen's Back in a Marilyn Mood for 'Public Relations'!

Worried that Smash‘s Karen Cartwright has been too distracted by her new (possible) paramour Jimmy’s zygote of a musical The Hit List to properly focus on her role as Marilyn Monroe in the much further developed Bombshell?

Well, it’s time to press pause on the “fret” button.

In this exclusive preview from next Tuesday’s episode “The Read-Through” (10/9c on NBC), Katharine McPhee’s protagonist — looking more Marilyn-esque than she has at any point in the series — leads an elaborate new production number called “Public Relations.”

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of breathy coos and double-entendres (“Well, I’m pretty good in private, but the truth is I’m better in a crowd!”), but you’ll also get some fleet-footed dancing and Christian Borle’s Tom trying out an exaggerated German accent.


HF Christian Borle's voice and dancing skills.