I couldn't make this up if I wanted to

One Million Moms says Geico car insurance ad promotes bestiality

The last time the group One Million Moms got upset about a commercial promoting bestiality was seven months ago. The offensive ad that time was a Skittles commercial that began and ended with a girl making out with a CGI walrus. Just in case you didn't get that, a real live human girl was making out with a real live computer-generated walrus, and One Million Moms (an organization which is, by their own admission, only thousands of moms) publicly wailed and gnashed their teeth over the promotion of bestiality.

Now new charges of unsavory love of animals have been leveled at a Geico commercial featuring repeat character Maxwell the Pig. Maxwell's a CGI swine who's been placed in various situations for more than a year, promoting car insurance giant Geico and its app that allows Maxwell to get speedy service 24 hours a day. In the latest spot, he's on a date and when his car breaks down in a secluded area, and his date isn't in such a hurry for the tow truck to arrive. From where we sit, the way it plays out, though, is totally harmless; most kids wouldn't even get the suggestion, and any kid ought to know that girls just don't get down like that with digital pigs.

One Million Moms has its eye on Geico, though, saying, "A bridesmaid was flirting with the gecko in a different commercial, so this is just becoming a norm for GEICO it seems." If you think you can stand the filth, the commercial at issue is below.


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