K. Michelle Shows Off Her Opera Singing Skills While Performing “Coochie Symphony” In DC

When K. Michelle isn’t losing her cool and slapping up folks, she’s actually out proving that she has some talent.

This past weekend, she performed a sold out show at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC and debuted a few new tracks from her forthcoming album, Rebellious Soul. Showing off her ability to sing opera, she blessed the crowd with a song titled, “C–chie Symphony” while playing the part of the singer and orchestra conductor.

During the performance, she received quite a few laughs before dropping a little TMI:

I’m going through something. My c—hie has been like sandpaper. I just know I have no desire, but that’s too much information. ( Is she a member of ONTD ) ?

Later, she debuted a song titled, “My Life” where she sang about the harsh realities of what she’s been through which has resulted in her aggressive personality.

Check out the performances below [The Opera singing may actually surprise you] :

“C–chie Symphony”


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