Is Pirates of the Caribbean Just Star Wars?

Two of the flagship “adventure” trilogies in Hollywood are together in Disney after the recent purchasing of Lucasfilm LTD. by the Mouse for an insurmountable sum of money…. which got me thinking about them side by side.  While no, Pirates of the Caribbean can’t match the awesome power of Star Wars (what can really?) side by side but both are swashbuckling tales of adventure on the seven seas, err- or lightsaber battling tales of adventure in the furthest reaches of space.  You see? I think the original Star Wars trilogy and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy have a lot more in common than what would appear on the surface, which makes me think that Pirates is a modern day homage to the legendary trilogy of the past. There are some striking character traits from the Pirates role players that bare a keen resemblance to those from Star Wars.  Should we start by comparing the characters?
Some side-by-sidesCollapse )