Go Nova (verona) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Go Nova

Mischa Barton at RADA

I am currently attending the RADA Summer School(Shakespeare) in London and Mischa Barton is also attending the program.

There's about 125 people in the course, all mixed up into rehearsal groups, except one group is all experienced, professional actors. Mischa is obviously in that group but I think the youngest.

There were some paparazzi outside the school when we arrived in the morning (it was our first day) and she sat near me while we were waiting to go into our intro lecture as an entire group so I gave her a once over. :) She sat by herself most of the time and I actually sort of felt bad that no one was talking to her and she was just reading The Merchant of Venice all by herself so I was gonna go say Hi but then some (birds of a feather stylewise) girls (who I've met and are very nice) converged on her area and started talking to her so I didn't bother.

We share a lunch period and she and I had a brief conversation about the menu, while in line. She is very pretty in person, with lots of freckles, and way less skinny then I expected based on what I hear on ONTD and the photo's I've seen before (I saw one part of one episode of the OC so I'm not familiar with her work). She is def. thin but she appears to have a "tall girl" frame and not just a "tall super model anorexic girl" frame. She did, in fact, eat at lunch, with everyone else, in the canteen.

One guy I hung out with is in her group and he said (although he had no idea who she was) that she was nice and seemed to want to work really hard.

She stopped into the meet and greet at the RADA bar after classes for about 2 minutes and then vacated. She is *not* staying in the dorms with us :)

So... based on what I saw, she's pretty down to earth and nice. She didn't pull any diva stunts or anything. It's only been one day but I get the impression she's mostly trying to blend in. That is all :)
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