Game of Thrones: Deleted Scenes Fuel Fandom Frustration + Ep. 3 Title Revealed

catelyn side eyes
The recent reveal of the four deleted scenes which were among the “Dragon Eggs” hidden within the Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray box set has sparked controversy within the fandom. The general outcry is one of frustration, as diehard fans of George R.R. Martin’s series of novels wonder why these scenes featuring characters from the books were left out, only to be replaced by scenes original to the HBO series, or featuring characters who had minor, or nonexistent [read: the vile and ubiquitous Ros], roles in the novels. Another faction of the fandom, however, finds the deleted scenes to be poorly written and badly acted, giving them yet more fodder to support their argument that the HBO series is the end all of disappointments.

[The Sansa/Sandor/Tyrion scene is] The Dragon Egg that launched a thousand tumblr posts, “San/San” fans are in a frenzy, blogging about their “feels.” Here is where the controversy is strongest, however, as long time book purists, HBO fans, and those who read the books for the first time only after watching on HBO, collide. The effect is reminiscent of the Ghosbusters crossing their proton pack streams… heated and dangerous.
My own feelings concerning Sandor and Sansa are strong, and extremely book driven. Therefore, I feel that it was a good decision to leave this out of Season 2. HBO has already wreaked havoc with the Sandor/Sansa storyline to the point that the addition of this scene would have pushed their relationship even further into the abyss. While Rory McCann played his part well, Sophie Turner was, once again, a disappointment. She switched, just for a moment , to her second facial expression, bitchy, but for the most part, spent the scene gaping like a dying fish. That’s just poor acting, in my book. The other thing it was impossible to ignore was the fact that she is nearly as tall as Rory McCann. At 6’6”, Sandor should tower over Sansa. If the girl cast as Sansa is nearly his height, they should have done something to make her seem smaller. As it was, the effect of Sandor being a huge brute was incredibly weak, as it has been in all of their scenes together. I, for one am relieved to see an end to HBO’s version of “San/San.”
To top this one off, while Peter Dinklage is incredibly talented, I can think of no reason that the addition of Tyrion would be necessary to this scene. We love us a little Imp, but really HBO? Changes I can understand, if they are necessary to drive the plot forward, however, I’ve about lost my patience with changes that make no sense and serve no purpose.


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