Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Meets the Daughter of Jason Bourne and Catwoman

Reese and Finch track a lethal and most formidable operative on the run

“Relevance” – A lethal and sexy government operative who tracks and stops terrorist threats before they occur finds herself on the run – and the new focus of Reese and Finch’s attention. However, their pursuit proves to be their most formidable when they discover that her remarkable skillset equals their own, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Thursday, Feb. 21 (9:00 – 10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan directed the episode. Sarah Shahi (Life, Fairly Legal, The L Word) guest stars as government operative Samantha Shaw. Also guest starring are Ken Leung (yasssssss he’s back) and Paul Sparks (who, btw, is the real-life husband of Annie Parisse aka Kara Stanton).

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Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi previews her debut

If Jason Bourne and Catwoman had a daughter, it would be agent Samantha Shaw, Sarah Shahi’s character on this Thursday’s Person of Interest. Her words. And with a description like that, Shahi says “it was kind of impossible not to do it.”

So what exactly brings Shaw into the fold? That’s hard to explain without ruining a few secrets about this special episode, but what Shahi could say was that Shaw crosses paths with Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) after her number comes up. But their first encounters don’t go exactly as planned.

“The first couple of times they try to save me, I don’t know who the f— they are, so I try to kill them,” she laughs. But her survivor’s spirit is a result of Shaw’s damaged past, she explains. “All she knows is that she’s has nowhere to go. Her own country has turned against her and she has no idea who these guys are. She feels like she can’t trust anybody but herself.” (Tease: By the end of the episode, Reese and Finch might work their way into her good graces.)

Thursday won’t be fans’ only taste of Shaw. The character is set to return, and Shahi says she’d jump at the opportunity to do so. “The dynamic is great and working with [Caviezel and Emerson] is so great — even the tiniest look is full of so much,” the former Fairly Legal star says. “There’s TV and then there’s Person of Interest.”

MICKEY DOYLE ON POI, I CAN’T HANDLE IT TBH. The press release better not be lying to me.

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