Boy George reveals weight loss, new healthy diet

Culture Club singer-songwriter credits portion control and cutting out sugar and bread for helping him drop the pounds.

Say hello to the new Boy George.

The 51-year-old Culture Club singer-songwriter has become the latest celebrity to undergo a dramatic weight loss thanks to a shift to healthy eating. This week, he posted a photo to Twitter showing off his new thin frame, crediting the transformation to "portion control, 5-hour gaps between meals, no coffee or tea, except at meals. No bread or sugar. Water & fizzy water between meals!"

On his Twitter, Boy George also said:
"If you eat processed food you are already a walking chemical waste bin. Horse meat is the least of it! …Kicks back foot and canters away!"

He also has a video on his twitter about DJ'ing

Boy at the Brit Awards

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And his twitter.
George's Twitter

Yeah, so this should answer the "What happened? Is he sick?" questions some people were saying in the Brit Awards Thread. (kinda can't believe there is no Boy George thread, tbh.

At least he did not claim "partial veganism" a la Beyonce. ;)