To This Day: Poet Shane Koyczan Narrates Beautiful Anti-Bullying Animation (VIDEO)

B.C. poet Shane Koyczan is no stranger to being bullied as a kid. The poet, who gained notoriety for his inspired performance at the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, also knows that bullying can leave psychic scars that last years.

Earlier this year, Koyczan put a call-out to artists to animate "To This Day," a poem he wrote that tackles bullying head on. Each artist contributed 20-second clips and the contributions were stitched together into this seven-minute work. The result is this breathtakingly beautiful animation that explores living with bullying, depression and abuse.

The video is part of Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying awareness day in Vancouver that takes place on Feb. 27.

"Amazing work. Unfortunately, schools don't always get it right. It's stories like yours (and the many other files I read) that prompt me to do my job better, wholeheartedly, authentically. The way I would want my own children to experience the education system. Thanks for your willingness and vulnerability to tell your story," wrote Chantal Wiebe on Koyczan's Facebook page.

"To This Day" was produced by Vancouver's Giant Ant studios.


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