ONTD Original Smallville Before they were famous

Rewatching Smallville i noticed many known actors and actresses get their big break through this WB/CW show. especially in the early seasons before the stunt castings. Here is an ONTD original post of all those who came through our screens for the first time. Usually as the Meteor Freak of the week.

Amy Adams as Jodi Melville

Amy appeared on screen in an obvious fat suit as Jodi Melville a girl willing to do anything to be skinny. She creates a shake but seeing as this is smallville she gains powers and has to suck the fat out of people's bodies because of her super fast metabolism. She was going to date Pete Ross but decided to eat him instead. But hey Amy Adams is our new Lois Lane in the upcoming superman movie and is a academy award nominee. Her career started from the small screen to big blockbusters. You go Amy coco.
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Mods I hope you accept this. People complain about the new list rule but I want to create an ONTD original List post.