ONTD Original Smallville Before they were famous

Rewatching Smallville i noticed many known actors and actresses get their big break through this WB/CW show. especially in the early seasons before the stunt castings. Here is an ONTD original post of all those who came through our screens for the first time. Usually as the Meteor Freak of the week.

Amy Adams as Jodi Melville

Amy appeared on screen in an obvious fat suit as Jodi Melville a girl willing to do anything to be skinny. She creates a shake but seeing as this is smallville she gains powers and has to suck the fat out of people's bodies because of her super fast metabolism. She was going to date Pete Ross but decided to eat him instead. But hey Amy Adams is our new Lois Lane in the upcoming superman movie and is a academy award nominee. Her career started from the small screen to big blockbusters. You go Amy coco.

Justin Chatwin as Jeremy Creek / Teen Jostled

Justin was basically a background character with no lines. He was in the pilot and the unaired pilot. So he was there since the beginning. I mean despite not really doing anything of signifigance on the show, he is still part of it's history, along with the fact he played Goku. But currently Justin is staring as Jimmy in Shameless.

Tyler Posey as Javier Ramirez

Yes we know he was the kid in Maid in Manhattan but he was also Javier Ramirez in Smallville. He played a english speaking mexican refugee. illegally working on a farm. When he tries to escape, his best friend is killed. Surprisingly he doesn't have any powers but that doesn't stop Clark Kent from displaying his powers in front of this stranger. Instead of getting deported for being an illegal alien, Martha Kent helps get him and his mother citizenship. They never really explained how he crossed the border and ended up in Kansas though. Tyler Posey is currently staring as Scott Mchall in the very popular Teen Wolf.

Ian Somerhalder as Adam Knight

Adam was added to smallville as a love interest for Lana Lang and help her while she got over that pesky leg injury she got. The thing is that the producers realized there was zero chemistry between the actors and decided to use him as part of the main plot of the show. Fans of the show also thought that Adam Knight was actually Bruce Wayne. Adam had some rare liver disease and he died but was brought back to life just so Lionel Luther could find a cure. But he went crazy and evil and tried to kill Lana. (like 80% of the guest stars) She survives and Adam dies...again. But hey he was multiple episodes. Ian Somerhalder can be currently be seen in The Vampire Diaries after his short stint on Lost.

Lizzy Caplan as Tina Greer

Tina was a meteor infected individual who had an obsession over a certain character (not unlike stans). Her obsession and powers led her to kill her mother accidentally. Her obsession went full force and she decided well I don't want to be friends with Lana Lang, I want to be Lana Lang. So she tried to kill her. She was imprisoned and came back wanting to date Lana Lang instead of kill her. So she impersonated someone close to her and killed an army officer which led to another guest star appearing but we will get back to that later. Her obsession leads her to kill herself accidentally. Lizzy Caplan has been in numerous televison series and movies including Mean Girls and Party Down.

Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen

Kyle super speed-ed to the scene as Bart Allen the super hero known as Impulse, Kid Flash, Flash, and back to Kid Flash. He was one of the first ever superheros to show up on Smallville. Also as a shock to Clark Kent he got his powers away from Smallville. Kyle appeared a couple of more times as Bart to help Clark and the rest of the Justice League out. Kyle appeaed in such shows as Big Love, Veronica Mars, and can currently be seen in Beautiful Creatures.

Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty

Remember I mentioned before how Tina Greer killed an army officer. Well That was Van McNulty's father. Which led him on a rampage against all meteor infected people. Once he discovered Clark's weakness (like everyone else) he used it to create the first ever kryptonite bullet. He then tried to kill Lana for some reason. He appeared again but was killed by two naked Jonathan Taylor Thomases. Justin Metcalfe can currently be seen on Dallas.

Evangeline Lilly as Some dudes GF

Evangeline Lilly was basically another background character that had no lines. But she appears in five episodes. That is more than most of these guest stars. Evangeline Lilly played Kate on Lost.

Paul Wesley as Lucas Luthor

His appearance gave us the scene where we can see Clark Kent's Penis bouncing around in his jeans. But other than that He played Lex luthors brother. He appeared in this episode and that was the last time we ever heard of him. But hey other than Lex he's the last Luthor standing. Note so self. If I am a Luthor, stay away from Smallville. Paul Wesley can be currently be seen in The Vampire diaries.

Adam Brody as Justin Gaines

Before he was on the OC Adam Brody was an insane artist who killed people with his telekinetic powers. One of the few meteor infected people to have a crush on Chloe instead of Lana. But obviously he ends up trying to kill her for some reason. Adam Brody was last seen in the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Lucas Gabreel as Young Lex Luthor/Conner Kent

Before he was dancing up and down high schools singing about homework and things. Lucas appeared as a young Lex Luthor in some flash back scenes. But returned as a clone later to be revealed to be Conner Kent. He was enrolled into Smallville high but we never heard of him again. Lucas Gabreel can be seen in the High school Musical series, Milk and can currently be seen in Switched at Birth.

Tahmoh Penikett as Wes Keenan

Before he was flying spaceships Tahmoh was Green Beret that was given powers. But Lex decided they lets get rid of him memories and emotions too. Which gave him much confusion. Clark actually unintentionally killed him. But Lex just takes his body to create more like him. Oh yeah he also tried to kill Lois. Tahmoh Penikett is well known for his role in Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse. He recently was on an episode of Arrow and will be in the upcoming Superman movie. I guess that he makes his DC.

Rekha Sharma as Dr. Harden

Rekha was on the show since season one and has been in 7 episodes. Lucky for her she was never ever killed. She has been around the same time as most of these other guest stars and actually treated most of them, again lucky for her they didn't kill her. She was most recently seen in the television series V which has been cancelled. But don't forget she was Tory Foster in Battlestar Galactica.

Ryan Kelley as Ryan James

Ryan played a character named Ryan. He was basically a little brother to Clark and the Kents loved him. He appeared in two episodes but sadly didn't make it to a third. He used his psychic powers to help the Kents after he discoverd the spaceship. He was the first of the many kids to live with the kents for an episode. Ryan Kelley has been in numerous television series and made for tv movies including Prayers for bobby.

Eric Christian Olsen as Harry Volk

This is when serial killers get super powers. But lucky for everyone his powers only allowed him to de-age himself to kill off the jury that led to imprisonment. He tried to kill Martha Kent because her husbands father was on the jury. Since he had no powers to actually fight Clark, he died. Eric Christian Olsen can currently be seen in NCIS:LA

Azura Skye as Amy Palmer

Amy was obsessed with Lex and wanted to date him which was weird seeing as in a previous show Azura and Micheal played twin siblings. Everyone thought he was a meteor freak but nope it was her crazy brother. After she stole Lex's watch, her mom got fired which led to her crazy brother trying to kill Lex. Azura Skye was last seen in American Horror Story where she surprising survived an axe to the stomach.

Kevin Zegers as Seth Nelson

Seth had the power of Magnetokinesis which he used to force Lana to date him. He also used these abilities to steal for some reason because other than the mind raping he seemed like a nice guy. As with all other people that confront Clark and survive he was put in a coma. Kevin Zegers is known for his roles on The OC and Gossip Girl and will be seen in the upcoming movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Cobie Smulders as Eve Andrews/Shannon Bell

Cobie appeared on the scene as a beautiful woman who frames Lex for murder because he had sex with her twice and forgot who she was. You know like what every normal girl does. After that failed she set him on fire. Cobie Smulders can be seen in Avengers and How I met your mother.

Cory Monteith as Frat Cowboy

Cory Plays a Frat boy in a cowboy costume. He appeared in a vampire episode of Smallville which the producers said this was the worst episode they ever made. Sorry Cory. Cory Monteith can currently be seen in the still airing Glee.

Meghan Ory as Megan Calder

Meghan played a never before seen Cheerleader. Her death was forseen but thanks to Clark she was saved. But if Clark didn't let the Coach kill himself, She wouldn't of almost died and been traumatized. Way to go Clark. Meghan Ory can currently be seen in Once Upon a Time.

Missy Peregrym as Molly Griggs

Molly didn't really have powers. But instead created a program to mind control people. Her target was Chloe so she mind controlled clark Kent to kill her. When that failed she used Lana Lang which gave us the slow motion fight scene in the high school. After that failed, she got the Kents to try and kill her. Instead of arresting her, Lex took her to get "help" Missy Peregrym was on another CW show called Reaper but now she can currently be seen in Rookie Blue.

Adrianne Palicki as Kara/Lindsey Harrison

Before she as cast as Wonder Woman in an unaired pilot, Adrianne was in smallville as a fake basic Kara. She was to help Clark start his training but killed some people on the way. But don't worry she was killed herself by basically doing exactly as she was told. She is best known for her role on Friday Night Lights. She will be in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie was Lady Jaye.

Miranda Cosgrove as Young Lana

Before she was on Jake and Josh, before ICarly, Miranda Cosgrove was on smallville first. Her picture was used throughout the entire series. Miranda Cosgrove will hopefully be seen in the upcoming show Girlfriend in a Coma.

Smallville had many others on the show like Shawn Ashmore and Lee Thompson Young but both were already famous for their Disney series and live action movies before before being cast on smallville.

Mods I hope you accept this. People complain about the new list rule but I want to create an ONTD original List post.