Josh Hutcherson's Five Favorite iPhone Apps

The talented actor—who's currently filming Hunger Games: Catching Fire—shares his must-have mobile games and sports apps.

Like most twenty-year-olds, Josh Hutcherson does not leave his house without his iPhone. You might think that's where the similarities between The Hunger Games star and typical twenty-year-olds end, but you'd be wrong. Turns out the award-winning actor has totally down-to-earth taste in apps, listing quirky games like Furby and Techno Kitten Adventure as favorites.

"I use every app possible to stay up to date with sports. My homescreen picture is when I was snowboarding with my brother," he says. Sadly, Josh did not share the aforementioned snapshot of him and his brother shredding through the mountains, but he did reveal his five favorite apps.


"So much fun in combination with a Furby. With this app you can feed your Furby and translate its speech."

Aging Booth

"See what you and your friends will look like in 40 years! Super easy to use—and really scary!"

NBA Game Time

"I am a huge basketball fan and with this app I have the NBA with me wherever I go. A great feature is I get notified when it is 'crunch time' in a game, where it gets really exciting, I know to tune in.

Techno Kitten Adventure

"Great for downtime. You control a flying kitten, powered by a jet pack that must avoid obstacles timed to techno music."

Face Swap

"Great fun with group shots. With this app, you automatically swap faces in photos, placing someone else's face on another person's body. Takes everyone's face in the photo and mixes them up. Hilarious."


What are your favorite apps, ONTD?