Casting News:Ernie Hudson in Reckless, David Alan Grier in Bad Teacher & Corey Reynolds in Delirium.

A round-up of some casting news...

- First, Ernie Hudson has joined that cast of ABC’s thriller pilot Reckless, which centers on "a resourceful problem solver who, when his wife is unjustly imprisoned during a political uprising overseas, resorts to entering a world of political intrigue, dangerous alliances and high emotional stakes in order to get her out." Mr Hudson will play a veteran CIA analyst who is being pushed out of the job. Reckless is written by Chris Black and produced by Martin Campbell.

- Second, David Alan Grier has been cast in CBS' adaptation of the movie Bad Teacher - the 2011 comedy that starred Cameron Diaz. And somewhat like the film, although not entirely, the series will center on a vulgar recently-divorced woman, who becomes a teacher to find her next husband. Grier will play the school's principal, Carl Gaines, who is described as sweet and well meaning but clueless, like in the movie. He's also recently-divorced, into yoga and crystals, and the support group he created for people going through challenging times.

- Third, Corey Reynolds has joined the cast of Fox's new drama pilot, Delirium, which is based on a bestselling book trilogy by Lauren Oliver, an is set in a world "where love is deemed illegal and can be eradicated with a special procedure. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable: she falls in love." Corey Reynolds will play a character named Lawrence Task, who's described as "the strategic, authoritative, no-BS leader in the budding Resistance movement."