Nicki Minaj & Madonna Bare All

Nicki Minaj and Madonna don't half-ass anything—much less Valentine's Day!

Both singers recently took to their social media accounts to bare their butts to their adoring fans.

"Happy #VagDay boyz…," Nicki tweeted Thursday, linking to a collage of her in a tiny bikini—shot from behind. "#JerkResponbily #prettygangmakenoise #freaksoniTunes," she added.

Madge also shared a shot of her derriere on Instagram Wednesday. "Working on the edit of the live concert!," she wrote, as if that was what she was really trying to draw attention to.

But, whatever, we're cool with the gratuitous rear-end shots. Bottoms up, ladies!

I just wanted an excuse to post backshots tbh. dream body post y/y?

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