Jenny Lewis' Ultimate Valentine's Day Mixtape

Too $hort - "Don't Fight the Feelin'"

"Battle or love song? It's like throwing sand at a cute boy in the second grade. The lines are blurred. It's filthy, disgusting, and I can still rap the entire thing."

Donnie & Joe Emerson - "Baby"

"This song is like a Xanax and GHB latte. Smooth, warm, and fucked-up. These are the best wounded background vocals of all time. Sometimes, all you got to sing is 'Baby'... Ariel Pink covered this nugget. He's so dreamy!"

King Pleasure and Annie Ross - "I'm in the Mood for Love" (Moody's Mood for Love)

"This is perhaps the most famous vocalese song, a style of jazz singing where lyrics are added to original all-instrumental jazz compositions. This song slays me."
Bobby Charles - "I Must Be in a Good Place Now"

"This song is perfect for either a wedding or a funeral. It's unbelievable. 'Saw a butterfly and named it after you / Your name has such a pleasant sound / Love is all around and all I see is you / I must be in a good place now.'"

Van Morrison - "Crazy Love"

"This song was on a mixtape that Ad-Rock made in the '90s. It somehow ended up in my '64 Chevy Malibu tape player. This tape changed my life by introducing me to Keith Richards via 'Before They Make Me Run.' This incredible love song was on the flip side. These backround vocals partly inspired my collaboration with the Watson Twins."

Benji Hughes - "All You Gotta Do Is Fall in Love"

"I was Benji Hughes for Halloween. I am typically a Halloween scrooge, but this year as Benji I had a real breakthrough. Benji is a genius and a true romantic. He's like a Warren Zevon and Isaac Hayes hybrid."

John Lennon - "Oh Yoko"

"'In the middle of the bath I call your name. In the middle of a shave I call your name. In the middle of a dream I call your name.' Shit gets real when you live without walls. Total togetherness for better and for worse..

Bob Dylan - "Lay Lady Lay"

"If I had a time machine, you might find me in 1969 laying across Bob's big brass bed."

Pattti Smith - "Because the Night"

"Having read Just Kids, this song really packs an emotional wallop when thinking of Fred 'Sonic' Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. Cowritten by the Boss, it is a classic."

The Flamingos - "I Only Have Eyes for You"

"Sounds like a David Lynch TM trance on Valentine's Day. Syrupy and creepily sinister."