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Felicity Jones Confirms Role In Marc Webb's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

Although she doesn't reveal who exactly she will play in Marc Webb's sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, British actress Felicity Jones has now confirmed recent reports that she has joined the cast of the movie alongside stars Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx.

In an interview with Dutch website RTL Netherlands, Felicity Jones has confirmed that she will indeed star in the highly anticipated sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The actress was previously mentioned as joining the cast along with Paul Giamatti, but was not confirmed as being a part of the sequel in the press release which was recently sent out by Sony Pictures to mark the start of filming. "I've never done a superhero movie. It's very nice to you as an actor in several worlds to go and to experiment," she told the site, refusing to reveal exactly who she will be playing in the movie. (lol ik sketch source but it sounds like something she'd say tbh) While it's possible that she will only have a small role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this secrecy - and the fact that the British actress is incredibly beautiful - has led many fans to speculate that Jones will be playing the Black Cat. Stay tuned for further updates!

YASSSSSSSS. Now I have a reason to pay attention to this movie hmmm. BUT YA WERK GURL <3 DANCING AND CELEBRATING WITH THE OTHER 5 FELICITY STANS ON ONTD TBH~*~  Who do you think she'll play ONTD? IMO should've been MJ but w/e...

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