Robin Leigh (girlwonderrobin) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Robin Leigh

Blind Items post!

1.) This Hunger Games B list actor who everyone has been told is in a very serious relationship got a 19 year old local teen pregnant while he was shooting in North Carolina. She is due in late spring. You just know our actor is going to want a paternity test, if only to keep his girlfriend mollified. So far she has not broken up with him over it because he says he never slept with the teen. She and her friends say otherwise.

My guess: Sam Claflin

2.) This Teen Mom dad has been sleeping with his daughter's best friend for the past year. Hey at least he waited until she turned 18. The daughter just found out very recently.
My guess: Chelsea Houska's father, Randy

3.) This former A list celebrity and now struggling to hold on to B- after dropping to a C was criticized last year for putting on weight. Turns out she had been pregnant and her publicist was set to make an announcement when she lost the baby in a miscarriage. She never stopped drinking after she found out she was pregnant.

My guess: Christina Aguilera

4.) This A list celebrity has had to deny she is having marriage problems. She says that everything is perfect and that she will never get divorced. She might never get divorced, but she should probably also stop seeing that executive in that company she works with. Of course the weekly hotel room visits could be about work. The room service. The bathrobe you opened the door in last week. It's all work. The marriage is probably fine.

My guess: Kris Jenner

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