Internet Dance Craze Meme Means Goodbye Psy

Thought you had mastered Gangnam Style? Move on. A new dance craze is sweeping the internet and consigning Psy to the dustbin of history. It's called the Harlem Shake.

The premise is simple: a 30-second video set to the tune Harlem Shake by New York-based producer, Baauer. For the first 15 seconds, one person dances (with a random mask on) while everyone else in the room remains as they are. Then, the beat drops, and everyone kicks off.

Unlike Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake has no specific choreography. Most dancers interpret their moves, with crotch thrusts, arms flapping and handstands among the favourites. Every video has put a different twist on the dance routine, with many donning esoteric costumes and fancy dress.

The Harlem Shake phenomenon has been around since the 1980s, but this latest meme has catapulted it into mainstream culture. Norwegian soldiers, firefighters and various office staff are uploading their efforts online.


UGA Mens Swim Team

Shaytards Style


Peanuts Edition



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You can see A LOT more just searching it on YouTube, the one's I linked are my personal fav. If I had a cool group of friends, I would totally do this. So pointless but it looks so awesome and fun. Share your favs ONTD